Lotto and EuroMillions Roll Again

Monday August 22nd 2011

After an electric weekend of rollover jackpots to play for on the UK’s National Lottery and the EuroMillions, the UK and the rest of Europe will be braced for more of the same for the midweek draws. As both the Lotto and EuroMillions roll again after the weekend draws, things will be really hotting up for these games from this point until a winner is produced and this is what lottery players all over the world get excited about and love to play for.

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The first of the weekend draws was on the EuroMillions which took place on Friday. Again, nobody managed to find the winning numbers which means that for the next draw on Tuesday there is a massive jackpot of €74 million or £64 million for those players in the UK. It has taken six rollovers for the EuroMillions to climb to what is currently the biggest jackpot in Europe at this time and one that is likely to attract interest from all over the world.

Rollovers on the National Lottery game, Lotto are not quite as common as they are on the EuroMillions and although they don’t reach the jackpot highs of the EuroMillions, the patriotic Brits still get into a ticket buying frenzy very quickly when they do and why not?

The draw on Saturday created the second consecutive rollover and a massive £9.7 million jackpot for UK players to play for on the midweek draw taking place on Wednesday. So with the excitement of the EuroMillions jackpot and the Lotto jackpot, UK players have plenty to look forward to this week.

Written by Brett Levenson

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