Lotto Max Canada rolling again

Monday August 9th 2010

It has been a while since we last brought you any updates of this amazing Canadian Lottery game and we can bring you the exciting news that Lotto Max Canada is rolling again much to the delight of many lottery players and particularly those who live in Canada. Just over a month ago Lotto Max was at Max Millions when the jackpot was finally won. However, there were so many Max Millions prizes that were not won, that the jackpot for this lottery game was almost back to the $50 million capping point when it started again.

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Consequently, this meant that within a couple of weeks Lotto Max was back to offering Max Millions prizes again. This week is bumper week in terms of prizes from Lotto Max. With a jackpot total of $88 million up for grabs, this means that aside from the main Lotto Max jackpot of $50 million, lottery players also have 38 chances to win one of the fantastic $1 million Max Millions prizes on offer this week.

If Lotto Max continues to roll over many more times before the main $50 million jackpot is won, we could see more than $50 million left in the Max Millions pot that hasn’t been won which could kick start the Lotto Max straight back into Max Millions status again. An exciting prospect such as this could see players rush to buy lottery tickets for this game and there is no doubt that Canadian Lottery players are going to have a lot of excitement from Lotto Max in the coming weeks.

Written by Katelin Thompson

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