Lotto Max Jackpot Remains Elusive

Wednesday July 4th 2012

The Lotto Max jackpot remains elusive as no players have been able to match the seven numbers drawn in the results for three draws now. This means that the Lotto Max jackpot stays at its limit which is CAD$50 million and the Maxmillions game remains in play. Therefore on Friday (6th July) there is not only a Lotto Max jackpot on offer to win but also it is estimated that there will be 50 x CAD$1 million prizes on offer to win in the Maxmillions game, so there are 51 jackpot prizes on offer to players in this Friday’s draw.

It doesn’t happen very often that you see the Lotto Max jackpot remain at CAD$50 million for three draws in a row, therefore it will be interesting to see whether or not any players can win the top prize in this Canadian Lottery on Friday or whether it will remain elusive and carry on rolling over.

Last Friday there were 28 Maxmillions CAD$1 million prizes on offer and out of all these there were just five of CAD$1 million prizes that were won. Therefore the question is how many of the estimated 50 CAD$1 million prizes will be won in the Maxmillions draw on Friday?

If you fancy winning the Lotto Max jackpot or one of the Maxmillions prizes in this Friday’s draw make sure you have your tickets ready and you never know, you could match the numbers drawn in any of these lottery results and become a jackpot winner all thanks to this Canadian Lottery.

Written by Brett Levenson

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