Lotto Max Jackpot Won by Couple

Monday November 21st 2011

The Lotto Max reached its jackpot cap of CAD $50 million on November 11th and exactly one week later the top prize has been scooped up. The Lotto Max jackpot was won by a couple on Fridays draw. This couple is known as Don and Linda Ingram who successfully matched the Lotto Max results to win the life changing CAD $50 million. The fortunate couple both work as cooks at Wally’s World, an Oshawa diner for the last 15 years and both nearly passed out when they found out they had won! The winning numbers on Friday were 8, 17, 27, 28, 39, 44, 49 and the Bonus Ball was 24.

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The Ingrams have been playing this lottery game for the past ten years and last week was no different. Linda bought four Lotto Max tickets on Thursday from a convenience store near where she lives and went back to check on Saturday morning if she had won anything. They have won free tickets in the past but nothing compared to this mammoth win.

Recently the couple has been struggling to pay bills due to Don’s ill health however that is all a thing of the past now they can live the rest of their lives in financial comfort. However they currently have no plans to leave the dinner where they work and want to carry on as normal for the next few months.

They have never owned a home for the 36 years they have been married so a new house with a pool and shed is on the cards, along with treating their two children and three grandchildren. Their boss at Wally’s diner told The Star that this Lotto Max win could not have gone to two more deserving people. 

Written by Brett Levenson

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