Lotto Max nears MaxMillions

Tuesday April 20th 2010

With all of the huge jackpots that are on offer this week, lottery fever has never been higher. The American Lottery games are fairing the best so far with regard to jackpot size and the amount games that are carrying rollover jackpots. However, another rollover jackpot to keep your eye on this week is the Canadian Lottery game, Lotto Max. This has rolled over a few times now and with a jackpot currently standing at CAN$41 million, the Lotto Max nears MaxMillions status, which is when the jackpot reaches CAN$50 million.

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$174 Million
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Normally a jackpot in excess of CAN$40 million sparks a ticket buying frenzy for Canadian Lottery games and with this in mind, there is every expectation for MaxMillions status to be reached if the jackpot for the Canadian Lotto Max is not won on the next draw which is Friday 23rd April. If no one wins the Lotto Max jackpot on Friday then the jackpot will then spin off into individual CAN$1 million prizes.

The Lotto Max costs CAN$5 a ticket and if you are hoping to have a go at winning this jackpot you have until 9pm on Friday to buy lottery tickets for this game.

Lotto Max launched in September 2009 and since then only three big jackpot prizes have been won despite over CAN$100 million being paid out in prizes. However, the MaxMillions status is what makes this lottery game hugely popular as the chances of winning a million are much higher.

Most people usually leave it until the day of the draw to get their lottery ticket so it would be wise to get yours now to avoid the rush.

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