Lotto Max winners won't change

Sunday November 15th 2009

You would think that a massive $50 million win on the lottery, any lottery, would change a person but a recent interview with the couple who won the Canadian Lottery has revealed that the Lotto Max winners won’t change just because they have won an obscene amount of money playing the newest lottery game that replaced the Super 7 in the Canada Lottery.

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The huge jackpot is the biggest since the launch of Canadian Lotto Max in September but the couple, Marie and Kirby Fontaine, insist that they will still be eating Kraft dinners and still shop at Walmart. Some of the massive win has been earmarked to travel the world though. Surprisingly both parties bought a ticket for the Canadian Lottery Lotto Max draw not realising that the other had bought one already. Whilst one ticket proved to be a dud the other netted them the big $50 million Lotto Max jackpot.

It would have been a turn up for the books if when this couple buy lottery tickets they use the same numbers as is often the case for many people who use the same numbers based on family birthdays and anniversaries. Should this have happened they would have been sharing with each other!

Although not quite the largest lottery win in Canada, this happened in 2005 when a lottery syndicate of 17 scooped £54.3 million, this is so far the largest Lotto Max win. However with just two months in the history for Lotto Max, there is plenty of time for a new record to be set in this new Canadian Lottery draw.

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