Lotto winner trusts pet dog to keep ticket safe

Monday April 4th 2011

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, and that certainly seems to be the case for one lottery player in the UK who chose to hide his winning ticket under his dog’s basket. UK lottery officials have said this is one of a number of bizarre places that people choose to stash their lotto tickets to keep them safe from harm.

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Other unusual ‘safe locations’ include behind their vehicle’s sun visor, inside a box of cat treats, and inside a secretary’s make-up bag.

Cumbrian lottery winner, Ianthe Fullagar, won over £7million in a EuroMillions draw. The 18-year-old decided first of all to hide her winning ticket in her bra, before moving it to her sports bag and then a jewellery box.

Lotto organisers have released the list in an attempt to jog the memories of six millionaires who have yet to come forward and claim their prizes.

According to a report by the Press Association, there are currently around £9million worth of unclaimed prizes.

A UK lottery spokesperson said: "The sofa is usually where families across the country gather in the evening to watch a bit of TV or just relax, so there is no excuse not to have a quick look.

"It only takes a minute to delve between the cushions and you never know what you might find."

Written by Peter Kirkham

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