Massachusetts Couple Win $15 Million Scratchcard Prize

Wednesday March 4th 2015

A Melrose couple has just won the largest scratchcard prize in the history of the Massachusetts Lottery. Michael Milford, a sales manager, and his fiancée Allison Gilgun, a teacher, collected their winnings on Tuesday after learning that they had won one of four $15 million prizes available on the “World Class Millions” game.

Milford purchased his ticket from a convenience store in nearby Medford on Sunday. In addition to matching the record-breaking grand prize awarded for the same game in July 2014, the retailer bonus paid out is the largest in Massachusetts Lottery history - an amazing $50,000.

The couple decided to take the lump sum option and will receive a one-time payment of $9.75 million. They plan to pay for their upcoming wedding, help their families and invest a portion of the winnings.

“World Class Millions” costs $30 and offers four top prizes of $15 million as well as 36 prizes of $1 million. Two of the grand prizes have now been claimed, while there are 14 $1 million windfalls left to play for. Other prize amounts are worth between $30 and $50,000, with overall odds of winning set at 1 in 2.81. With over 8.9 million prizes, and a second-chance drawing offering a further 5,555 cash prizes to those who submit losing cards, this is one game that players should consider going for!

The Massachusetts Lottery also offers a number of different draw games, such as Megabucks Doubler and Mass Cash, which, in coordination with scratchcard sales, help fund vital public initiatives throughout the state.

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