Mega Millions and Powerball Jackpots Are Over $800 Million Combined

Wednesday October 10th 2018

It is shaping up to be a spectacular week for fans of Mega Millions and Powerball, with the jackpots for both games rising sharply and new records potentially on the horizon. Mega Millions is up to $548 million following the latest rollover on Tuesday, while Powerball is also surging towards the $300 million mark.

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Third-Largest Mega Millions Jackpot in History

Mega Millions is now at its highest value for almost five years after there were no jackpot-winning tickets for Tuesday night’s $470 million draw. The top prize has now been growing for 22 consecutive draws dating back to July 24th, when a pool of 11 office workers from California pocketed $543 million.

The jackpot has been won on three other occasions in 2018, but none of the prizes have been as big as the $548 million estimate for Friday evening. There have only been two larger jackpots given away in the history of Mega Millions and both were shared between multiple winners.

Three tickets - bought in Maryland, Illinois and Kansas - shared the record $656 million jackpot in March 2012, while a prize of $648 million was split between Ira Curry of Georgia and Steve Tran of California in December 2013. If there is just one winner on Friday, they will set a new record for landing the biggest Mega Millions jackpot on a single ticket.

Go to the Mega Millions Numbers page to see the latest results, including the winning numbers and payout details.

Powerball Jackpot Up To $282 Million

The Powerball jackpot has only been building for 16 draws since it was last won but is making rapid progress of its own, and you will have a chance to win a huge $282 million if you take part on Wednesday night.

Even if you do not land the nine-figure top prize, there are eight other ways to win in every Powerball draw. You are guaranteed a return even if you match just the Powerball, while you will win $1 million if you match all five main numbers without the Powerball.

If you select the Power Play option you will also boost the value of any non-jackpot prize you win, just like a ticket holder from Pennsylvania who won in the ‘Match 5’ category in the last draw on Saturday. They purchased their entry from Rutter’s convenience store in Hamburg and matched the white balls 1, 22, 27, 53 and 67. Having added Power Play, their prize was doubled to $2 million.

Use the Powerball Checker to see if any of the tickets you have bought recently might be due a prize, and then keep an eye out for this week’s big draws to see if either jackpot gets won.

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