Mega Millions winner: 'I thought he’d gone mad'

Thursday March 17th 2011

A pair of co-workers from Charleston, South Carolina, couldn’t believe their luck after winning $250,000 in a Mega Millions lotto draw. The players, who have decided to keep their identities a secret, bought tickets for Tuesday night’s Mega Millions game, which had a jackpot of $172million.

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The pair missed out on matching the Mega Ball, but won a quarter of a million dollars for correctly picking the other five numbers.

"I managed to call the guy I bought the ticket with to tell him we won the Lottery," said one half of the winning duo.

"I thought he had gone mad," said the second winner. "I had a copy of the ticket, so I ran downstairs turning my computer on and the TV on, just trying to find some numbers, somewhere, to check."

It took some time, but finally the win sank in.

One of the lucky players added: "I looked at the ticket and ran screaming into the bedroom to tell my wife. I could hardly breathe and was a little light-headed."

The winners and their wives went to validate their claim with South Carolina Lottery officials before heading off to enjoy dinner together at a nice restaurant. They said they plan to spend the cash on paying off bills, making a donation to their church and taking a small vacation.

Written by Brett Levenson

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