MegaMillions jackpot rises

Tuesday October 6th 2009

After no one matched the winning numbers for Friday nights drawing, the MegaMillions jackpot rises to an estimated $122m for the drawing on Tuesday. The winning numbers were 15, 24, 51, 53 and 55. The Mega Ball was 11. There were 12 tickets matching five numbers for $250,000 each.

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$174 Million
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3 tickets each from New York and New Jersey. Illinois and Maryland each had two winning ticket holders, while Washington and Michigan each had one. If there had been a winning lottery ticket for Fridays draw the winning ticket would have been worth $105m.

When this multi-state lottery reaches a jackpot level such as this, it always sparks a ticket buying frenzy within every participating state. Lottery jackpots such as these seem more popular in the current economic climate than ever before and consequently sees more and more people playing the lottery for the first time.

As this massive lottery jackpot is likely to spark a huge rush for tickets it is advisable for people to buy lottery tickets as early as possible for the next MegaMillions draw to avoid the rush. It may also be a good idea to consider buying them online. If you were to lose a winning lottery ticket for a jackpot as huge as this, it would be devastating.

We have seen many huge lottery superdraws made as they rollover time and time again with in that last year, but MegaMillions is the most popular game within the United States and for that reason, ticket sales are like to increase much quicker than any of other lottery in the United States.


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