MegaMillions last minute prize claim

Saturday September 26th 2009

A woman from Mechanicville, Virginia has only just cashed in a winning lottery ticket from a Mega Millions drawing back in March. The MegaMillions last minute prize claim bagged her $250,000 just eight hours before it expired.

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After letting the lottery ticket sit in a napkin holder for six months, Lydia Burke finally decided to check her tickets, after hearing on the news that a lottery ticket bought in 7-Eleven, staples Road was about to expire. Lydia remembered buying a few lottery tickets from there and decided to check.

Thankfully she saw this news report as she only claimed her Mega Millions prize at 9am on Thursday and it was due to expire at 5pm. Her lottery ticket matched the first five numbers but missed the Mega Ball, so she claimed second prize.

When her husband arrived home from work, Lydia and her sister tried to tell him of the lottery win but they were met with a certain amount of scepticism and he thought they were joking saying ‘you’re not going to get me on that one’. Imagine his surprise when he found that this MegaMillions lottery win was for real.

This is again a typical example as to why it is so much better to buy lottery tickets online. They are checked for you and you can receive alerts telling you if you have won so that you don’t miss out on the chance of claiming a lottery prize.

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