Michigan Man Ignores Girlfriend, Buys $1 Million Winning Scratchcard

Wednesday June 10th 2015

A Michigan man whose girlfriend asked him not to buy any lottery tickets on a trip to the gas station is now $1 million richer after buying a scratchcard anyway. Stopping to fill up his tank, the winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, grabbed some winning scratchcards stashed in his car and went inside the store get a receipt. “On the way in,” he said, “my girlfriend told me not to buy any lottery tickets, but I didn’t listen. I bought one 50x the Cash ticket and paid for it with my two $5 winners.”

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Hoping to avoid getting an earful, he kept the ticket hidden from his partner and scratched it off in the bathroom the next day. Once he discovered he had won, he showed the ticket to his parents and looked up the instructions online. “That’s when it finally started to sink in that I had won big,” the man said.

The winner opted for a lump sum of $634,517 after taxes and plans to take a vacation before investing the leftover money. Despite his girlfriend’s reservation over his purchase, he intends to take them both to Scotland on the trip of a lifetime. “Maybe next time my girlfriend won’t be as skeptical when I’m feeling lucky and want to buy a lottery ticket,” he added.

The winning scratchcard was sold at the 5 Mile and Levan BP in Livonia. Out of the three top prizes of $1 million on 50x the Cash, two are left, along with eight prizes of $250,000 and scores of other great amounts of cash. In addition to fun scratchcards, the Michigan Lottery also offers draw games like Lotto 47, Powerball and Mega Millions. Just make sure that you won’t be sleeping on the sofa after buying those tickets!

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