Missouri Lottery sees slump in ticket sales

Wednesday June 15th 2011

Considering the recent struggles the global economy has suffered in the last two or three years, US states have been cash strapped and even more reliant on the revenue brought in by their lottery games. However the Missouri Lottery sees a slump in ticket sales which could spell even more hardship is to follow, especially for those who rely very heavily on the money generated by the Missouri Lottery for education funding.

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The state has seen cuts in funding for buses to public school but the Missouri Lottery is confident that it can turn things around and boost ticket sales for the state.

Although many states all over the US offer players the opportunity to purchase ticket sales online, there is confusion in the law regarding the sale of lottery tickets online because online gambling is in fact illegal in the US. The impact of this law regarding the sale of online lottery ticketa is yet to be clarified but the Missouri Lottery is keen to follow this avenue if at all possible.

This unfortunately could spell bad news for the many Missouri Lottery retailers across the state who have also suffered in the economic downturn. Many of these retailers rely on the revenue that they bring in by selling lottery tickets. They are not just concerned about the downturn is ticket sale for the Missouri Lottery if tickets were available to purchase online, but also the extra money that their customers often spend at the store when they call in to buy lottery tickets. Something that is less likely to happen, should tickets be sold online.

Written by Brett Levenson

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