More lottery rollovers for the weekend

Friday January 15th 2010

Last week we saw some of the most popular lottery games offering amazing jackpots to be won due to the fact that some of these lottery games had not been won for some time, the highest was the Italian Lottery game, SuperEnalotto. Lottery players will be pleased to know that there are more lottery rollovers for the weekend, offering jackpots much higher than last week making each and every one of these games even more attractive.

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The UK National Lottery failed to produce a winner from the draw on Wednesday which means it is boasting a rollover jackpot of £7 million. Of course players in the UK and other participating countries can also get excited about the EuroMillions. After rolling over again after the draw on Friday 8th January, lottery players can look forward to playing for a massive €58 million for the draw on Friday 15th January.

Turning to the various lottery games available in the US, the highest jackpot to play for here is MegaMillions. This lottery has again has rolled over several times and now has an estimated jackpot of $73 million for the draw on Friday 15th January. Not too far behind is the PowerBall, which is also boasting a multi rollover jackpot. This is currently standing at an estimated $40 million for the next draw on Saturday 16th January.

When you buy lottery tickets, you may also want to consider the Oz Lotto which also carrying a staggering rollover jackpot of AU$30 million. The next draw for this lottery game is not until 19th January, but something to look forward to after a weekend of massive jackpots to play for.

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