Mystery surrounds Chinas biggest lottery win

Monday October 26th 2009

Mystery surrounds Chinas biggest lottery win today as the winners’ identity is still not known. Because of privacy laws it could be that the winner wants to withhold his identity, but it could also be that the lottery winner is yet to come forward.

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The latter is quite often the case with big lottery wins as the winner sometimes needs time for the news to sink in and get a level head.

On 8th October the results for the Chinese lottery results for the Union Lotto were announced. In total there were 93 top prizes won, each worth more than 4,090,000 yuan. However, one ticket which was purchased in the Henan province, won 88 of the 93 to prizes, winning a total or 359.9 million yuan. This makes the winning lottery ticket hold the biggest winner is the history of the Chinese Lottery.

The lucky winner from Anyang City, in central China’s Henna Province bought 44 Double Colour Ball tickets costing 176 Yuan. However, the public and press remain cynical about this massive Chinese Lottery win and wonder whether it is in fact genuine. The main reason for the speculation is the fact the welfare lottery center failed to respond to reporters questions about the winner. The center have claimed that they did so out of respect for the Chinese Lottery winners privacy, which of course indicates somewhat that the lottery winner has come forward, but the press argue that the public have a right to information. This, in turn is now causing much speculation amongst the population of  China, and it is feared that people who buy lottery tickets will have this mystery over their heads for some time.

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