National Lottery celebrates 15 years

Friday November 20th 2009

We are sure that many players can hardly believe that is been this long as the National Lottery celebrates 15 years. It has been an eventful 15 years for the National Lottery who have created more than 2,300 millionaires and paid out over £35 billion is prize money.

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These figures are staggering and something that gives the UK National Lottery the huge 15 year success worth celebrating.

But it is not just these winning figures that lottery players will be interested in. The National Lottery, as with many other lottery games, reserves  revenue to fund good causes. The National Lottery has raised more than £23 billion for good causes which give an estimated weekly average of a staggering £25 million. This in itself is something for lottery players and of course the whole country to be proud of.

Some facts about the National Lottery may have been forgotten long ago, such as the largest ever National lottery jackpot. This jackpot was £42,008,610 and was shared by three  ticket holders on 6th January 1996. How many of us can remember that Noel Edmonds hosted the first National Lottery draw on November 19th 1994, drawing an audience of more than 21 million?

These are now just historical facts about the National Lottery, but many of us will have fond memories of the earlier days. The lottery has long become a way of life for many players who buy lottery tickets and the National Lottery will continue growing and building its donations to good causes for many years. The lottery has helped so many projects and causes which would otherwise have failed without this help.

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