National Lottery grant for minorities

Wednesday December 23rd 2009

Many good causes benefit from revenue produced by the UK National Lottery. The Lottery Heritage Fund supports heritage programmes within the UK allowing us to keep some of the countries most precious historical projects which would other wise fail if this funding was not available. The Big Lottery Fund provides funding for other projects and has more recently pledged a National Lottery grant for minorities in Scotland worth almost £1 million.

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The funding from the Big Lottery Fund will be used by the Ethnic Minorities Law Centre to train staff from Citizens Advice Scotland and Advice UK. The training  which this National lottery grant is to fund will cover a huge range of issues from discrimination, Nationality and employment law.

After a similar scheme was piloted successfully in Edinburgh, Lanarkshire and the Highlands, this funding from the National Lottery could prove invaluable in creating more nationwide projects on similar causes in the future.

When people play the lottery, the often do not realise just how valuable their purchase is to any of these National Lottery funds when they buy lottery tickets, and another project which has been set up in Bath, with help from the National Lottery, aims to promote health and well being to the older generation of the Ethnic Minorities living in the city.

It does seem that these projects that the UK National Lottery is providing funding for are proving to be very successful and it can only be a matter of time before we see a bigger variation on these kinds of services being offer to the ethnic community.

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