National Lottery rolls over

Monday April 5th 2010

Brits rarely get the opportunity to play for big money in any of their lottery games aside from the EuroMillions of course. Since the EuroMillions came to the UK and particularly since the addition of the Millionaire Raffle, ticket sales for the National Lottery have somewhat dwindled. After the draw on Saturday, no one managed to match the winning numbers and this means the National Lottery rolls over for the draw on Wednesday, creating an impressive £7 million jackpot to play for, which is likely to bring a lot of excitement to the UK.

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$199 Million
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The winning numbers for the National Lottery draw on Saturday were 8, 9, 19, 28, 31, 37 and the Bonus Ball was 45. Although the jackpot prize was not won, there is still plenty of scope for players to win a significant amount on money on the lower tier prizes, so if you buy lottery tickets for the National Lottery, you may want to check if you are a winner.

There was no roll over for the EuroMillions this week, which brings another jackpot of €15 million to play for on Friday. This means that despite there being a National Lottery rollover up for grabs, the EuroMillions still has the larger jackpot which makes it easy to see why UK players seem to favour this lottery game, despite it being slightly more difficult to win than the National Lottery.

We have no details at the moment regarding the winner of the EuroMillions lottery, but will of course bring any news to you as it comes.

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