National Lottery win announced on Facebook

Saturday December 12th 2009

A syndicate of 23 airport staff saw their National Lottery win announced on Facebook, leaving them stunned and overjoyed. The organiser of the lottery syndicate, Paul Cotter, alerted his fellow National Lottery syndicate members by putting the status on his profile as reading ‘We've won £2,625,215 on the Lotto. This is not a joke. Please call me, anyone who is in the syndicate, as soon as possible.’

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The members, who work at Heathrow Airport, will each get a UK National Lottery share of a whopping £100,900 each and although Cotter frequently used Facebook to keep the lottery syndicate informed of any win, one member slammed her laptop shut after reading Mr Cotters status, feeling sure this was a joke.

Mr Cotter himself has won over £400,000 of this National Lottery win as he had actually got 4 stakes in the sydicate and has revealed that handing out the cheques made him feel like Father Christmas.

Having run the lottery syndicate for two years Mr Cotter says that the win did not come as a great surprise. It seems that while on holiday in California 15 years ago, a palm reader told him that he would win a large amount of money in December, meaning that with this lottery win, it has come true.

Many people will probably remain sceptical with palm readers but we may also find visits to them and fortune tellers increase slightly when people visit them before they buy lottery tickets in a bid to be as lucky as this syndicate of National Lottery winners.

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