New advertising campaign for the Illinois Lottery

Wednesday August 26th 2009

After the latest record jackpot on the MegaMillions, you would think that it really doesn’t need any more publicity. However, a new advertising campaign for the Illinois Lottery is being launched on 31st August in a bid to create more interest in the MegaMillions.

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According to lottery officials in Illinois, the economic downturn has dampened the motivation of Illinois residents, to buy lottery tickets for the MegaMillions. It seems that although a minimum jackpot is offered of $12m, it is only when jackpots reach at least $100m that ticket sales start to go up.

The Lottery and Energy BBDO have teamed up to create a campaign to remind local residents just how much money $12m really is in a bid to increase ticket sales in the state.

The campaign will include two new TV spots. One shows money raining down on a group of office workers who are winners and the second showing Money raining down on a car carrying 2 people who have also become winners. The aim is to show people that MegaMillions is about winning an extremely large amount of money playing the lottery.

The campaign for the Illinois Lottery will also include two radio slots where they will talk about people who have experienced rains of money or cashalanches as they are so often called, however it is expected that the TV spot giving the illusion of winners being literally buried in money, will generate the most interest and that people will soon start flocking to buy their tickets and sales will increase.

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