New All or Nothing Game Launches in Wisconsin

Tuesday April 9th 2019

The Wisconsin Lottery has introduced its first new draw game in five years with the launch of All or Nothing. The daily game offers a top prize of $100,000 and officials are confident that players will embrace the unusual play style.

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How All or Nothing Works

Wisconsin’s version of All or Nothing requires you to select 11 numbers from 1 to 22. You can choose your own numbers or ask for a Quick Pick. As the name of the game suggests, you land the jackpot if you match either all or none of the numbers. You can also win $500, $40 or $4, depending on how many numbers you match.

The following table shows the various possible payouts, how to win and the odds of picking up a prize:

Prize Level How To Win Odds of Winning Prize
1 Match 0 or 11 numbers 1 in 705,432 $100,000
2 Match 1 or 10 numbers 1 in 5,831 $500
3 Match 2 or 9 numbers 1 in 234 $40
4 Match 3 or 8 numbers 1 in 26 $4

You do not win a prize if you match between four and seven numbers. Drawings take place at 9:00 PM Central Time every day, with tickets costing $2 per play. The first draw took place on Sunday April 7th.

All or Nothing games have been played in other states, such as Texas, for some time but never before in Wisconsin, and director Cindy Polzin hopes it will capture the imagination of the public.

She said: “We are very excited about our launch of the new All or Nothing daily game. There is always great anticipation for a new game and since this particular play style is something that we have not had before, it adds to the buzz around this launch.”

All or Nothing Replaces 5 Card Cash

The Wisconsin Lottery decided to bring in the new game in place of 5 Card Cash, which had run since 2014 and paid out more than $18.5 million in prizes. The final 5 Card Cash drawing took place on Saturday, although you can still claim prizes for up to 180 days after the date of the winning draw.

It is hoped that the new game will raise even more money through ticket sales, which in turn will help to provide tax relief to homeowners across the state. Learn more about how the Wisconsin Lottery works and the other games that are played in the Badger State.

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