New Arkansas Lottery pays out $100,000 prize

Wednesday October 14th 2009

The newly launched Arkansas lottery pays out a massive $100,000 prize to a gas station worker from Van Buren. $100,000 is currently the highest prize available in the Arkansas lottery and this is only the second winning ticket for this amount to have been claimed in Arkansas.

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Three other lottery tickets for the same winning amount have also been sold, but the holders are yet to come forward to claim their prize.

The winning ticket holder of this recent win, Joe Pierce, usually buys a $2 ticket but decided to have a change and splashed out on a $5 lottery ticket. He must have been pleased to have decided to change his plan, given the fact that he managed to scoop a top Arkansas Lottery prize.

With the lottery winners’ wife recently giving birth to a new baby, Joe plans to spend the money on a new house, so really this fantastic lottery win could not have come at a better time.

The Arkansas Lottery seems to have got off to a better than expected start.  The gas station, in which the winner works and bought his ticket, has had to employ more staff to keep up with the flow of people who come to buy lottery tickets there. With ticket sales for the Arkansas lottery, so far reaching $19,309,000 and prizes an estimated $12,500,000, it seems that this scholarship lottery will continue its success as more games are added to the fold.

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