New Hampshire Lottery forced to delay new game

Saturday July 24th 2010

On 1st July the New Hampshire Lottery was due to launch a fantastic online interactive game. After lawmakers claimed just hours before the launch that they knew nothing about this new game, the New Hampshire Lottery was forced to delay the new game to give the Lottery Commission time to tie up some loose ends. After a meeting on Tuesday, a legislative committee ordered that the Lottery Commission must abide by a state law which requires the committee to approve the new game, a move that will delay the launch until at least September.

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The New Hampshire Lottery Commission will put together a formal proposal for the new interactive game which they will put forward at the Fiscal Committees next meeting which will be in September. Questions are being asked as to why the Lottery Commission did not present these proposals for the games for the New Hampshire Lottery in the first place? The Lottery Commission argues that approval for the new game was not needed as it is not much different to the scratch off lotto tickets which have already been approved. Senior Assistant Attorney General, Michael Brown also agrees with the Lottery Commission and has labelled the dispute at a ‘marketing gimmick’.

This new long awaited PlayNowNH game allows lottery players to buy lottery tickets with total chances up to $100 and players will need an access code to play these games online. The new games that are offered by the New Hampshire lottery include baseball, slots, speed bingo and New Hampshire poker.

Written by Brett Levenson

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