New Hampshire Lottery game cancelled

Thursday August 19th 2010

At the end of June we brought the news to you that there was a brand new interactive game about to be launched by the New Hampshire Lottery but the very next day an announcement came that the launch had been delayed as lawmakers were claiming to know nothing about the new game. It will come as no surprise considering the controversy that the New Hampshire Lottery have cancelled the game, but the reasons for doing so may be a little difficult to understand in the circumstances.

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We would imagine that there has been a lot of debating between New Hampshire Lottery officials and lawmakers on the issue, much of which will probably never be revealed. The New Hampshire Lottery has now announced that is has cancelled the proposed interactive lottery game as it is believed that the game would not provide a good revenue.

There have probably been a few slapped wrists regarding the proposed launch of the game by the New Hampshire lottery but with the launch of the game being so close when the delay was announced, it would be difficult to understand why the potential revenue for the game was not explored in the early stages of the development or even before.

One thing that is certain is that those New Hampshire Lottery players who were hoping to be able to buy lottery tickets for this new game in the future will be left disappointed, but will be pleased to know that the New Hampshire Lottery will now be concentrating its efforts and revenue in the development of the games that it currently offers.

Written by Katelin Thompson

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