New Hoosier Lottery Scratchcard Offers Tasty Bacon Prize

Wednesday June 3rd 2015

If you missed out on the bacon-scented scratchcard from the New Hampshire Lottery because you didn’t live nearby, don’t worry - the Hoosier Lottery in Indiana is offering their own scented instant win game that could net you the real thing if you’re in town. Called ‘Bringin’ Home the Bacon’, the $2 game has four top prizes of 20 years of bacon, paid out in installments of $250 each year. There are also three prizes of $10,000 up for grabs.

To celebrate the launch of the new game and its delicate, bacon-y aroma, bacon tastings will be held in Evansville, Indianapolis and Fort Wayne throughout August and July as part of a “Summer of Bacon” event held in coordination with Indiana Pork. A special “Day of Bacon” will be held on June 28th in Schererville, where Hoosier Lottery VIPs can watch the Bacon Brothers, featuring the one-and-only Kevin Bacon and his older sibling Michael.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average retail price of a pound of sliced bacon was $5.211 in April 2015. Assuming you go through a pound of bacon once a week (generous, but hear it out), that’s $20.844 spent on piggy goodness per month and $250.12 per year, which can seriously cut into your budget for sausages, eggs and pancake mix. However, you could have your annual bacon-eating habits covered for you with just a simple $2 purchase - sounds pretty tasty!

The Hoosier Lottery has been creating huge prize winners and raising money for the state of Indiana since 1988. In addition to bacon scratchcards, they also offer great draw games like Hoosier Lotto, Cash 5, Powerball and Mega Millions. Visit the Indiana Lottery Results page to check out all the latest winning numbers while you munch on your bacon sandwich!

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