New Jersey Jackpot Is Finally Won

Wednesday June 27th 2012

After months of rolling over the New Jersey jackpot has finally been won. This New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto jackpot was won this week on the 25th June after it rolled over a total of 54 times. The New Jersey jackpot came out at $21.5 million on Monday and the results from this draw show that one ticket that was purchased Holmdel matched the six numbers drawn in the New Jersey Lottery results to win this impressive amount of money. The identity of this winner is yet to be known and they haven’t come forward to claim this impressive win.

The New Jersey results from Monday’s draw were 12, 24, 34, 41, 46 and 47 and in total there were 1,204,748 tickets sold in this Pick 6 Lotto draw in which one matched all six of the numbers drawn to win the jackpot. This winning ticket was sold in Patel’s store on Route 35 in Holmdel and this is now the first time since December 2011 that the jackpot has been won in this lottery. The last time the New Jersey jackpot was won was on the 15th December when one ticket won $3.5 million, however since then the jackpot rolled over until it was won earlier this week.

Whether this winning ticket was purchased by an individual or as part of a syndicate remains to be seen however this jackpot winner has now become the fifth largest top prize winner in the history of this lottery.

As the New Jersey jackpot was won it now means that it goes back to basics for tomorrow night’s draw. Therefore if all this talk of jackpot wins has got you excited make sure you take part in this draw as you never know, you could become the second New Jersey jackpot winner this year.

Written by Brett Levenson

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