New Jersey Lottery breaks record

Wednesday November 24th 2010

It has been announced that the New Jersey Lottery breaks its own record in terms of ticket sales for the fiscal year 2010. The record $2.6 billion ticket sales come amidst one of the biggest global recessions in recent history. Despite this, lottery games worldwide have generally flourished and this is great news for lottery players all over the world. As the New Jersey Lottery turns 40 in December, there will be many reasons for this US state to celebrate this Christmas and we will expect them to do it in style.

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The acting executive director of the New Jersey Lottery claims that the lottery is not heavily impacted by good or bad times, but it may be possible that those who don’t normally play lottery games, may be more inclined to do so during the harder times in a bid to change their fortunes. The New Jersey is generally a fairly cash strapped state in the US so this news will be very welcoming for those who benefit from the cash generated from its lottery games.

The New Jersey began almost 40 years ago offering just one lottery draw per week. Since then it has continued to grow and now offers a massive 39 draws each week for six different games and its success can also be considered partly because New Jersey Lottery players can now buy lotto tickets for both the MegaMillions and the PowerBall since the cross selling agreement was reached.

When the New Jersey Lottery began, players were able to play for a jackpot worth no more than a few thousand, but the continued growth now means that they are regularly playing for jackpots worth millions.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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