New Kansas Lottery game

Wednesday September 8th 2010

A new Kansas Lottery game has been launched to mark its 150th birthday. This new game called ‘Celebrating Our Statehood’ offers a top prize of $1,500 and one of these new lottery tickets will cost players £1 each. The main aim of launching this new lottery ticket is to hopefully make the public aware of upcoming Kansas Sesquicentennial and other games connected to this occasion. With the date of this anniversary being 29th January, the Kansas Lottery will introduce another new lottery game which will launch in January.

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$186 Million
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The Kansas Lottery began distributing the new lottery tickets to their retailers on Wednesday and retailers are expected to be selling them to the public within two weeks. It is also hoped that the sale of the new lottery ticket will also steer more traffic through the website, where people will be able to see that the Kansas Lottery is very actively involved in marking this event and what other plans they have to celebrate this milestone.

Very soon the Kansas Lottery will also begin selling tickets for their Holiday Raffle. There will only be 150,000 of these tickets available and each one will cost $20 each with the draw taking place on 30th December. Those of you who buy lottery tickets for this raffle game from the Kansas Lottery will be playing for a top prize of $1 million with five prizes of $50,000 and 500 of $500 also up for grabs. The overall odds of winning a prize in this Kansas Lottery game are a very favourable one in 296, so it is very well worth playing but with a limited number of tickets available, players will need to be quick to make sure that they don’t miss out.

Written by Brett Levenson

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