New Millionaire Raffle

Friday September 4th 2009

From November 2009 ticket prices for the Euromillions lottery will rise from £1.50 to £2.00. This change is to  fund an exciting new Millionaire Raffle that is to be introduced and guarantees that a new millionaire will created every single week in the UK. This new game will of course be in addition to the normal draw, which is shared by member countries across the European Union.

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$199 Million
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Camelot, who are the Euromillions organisers within the UK, say that they plan to use the additional funds from the main draw to generate 2 or 3  super raffles with prizes of up to £20 million and a new advertising campaign is set to run throughout the UK to promote this additional game.

Every Euromillions player will receive a new Millionaire Raffle ticket made up of 3 letters and 3 numbers and the winner of this game will also be announced at the same time as the Euromillions main draw. Starting on Friday 13th November.

The aim of this exciting new addition, is to enhance the excitement of playing by creating a millionaire every week and giving players another chance to win big. However, those of you who are familiar with the Irish lotto will know that they too run a millionaire raffle. This game is only a game that runs through the summer and is completely separate from the main game.

So look out for the promotional advert for this new game coming soon and remember to buy lottery tickets in the early part of November when this fantastic new raffle starts.

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