New York Lottery player wins twice

Thursday August 12th 2010

We all dream of having a significant win on the lottery just once in our life time, but two big wins is what many of us would have deemed impossible if that was not in fact just what has happened. A New York Lottery players wins twice and what makes these wins even more incredible is that the lucky player in question had both of these wins just two years apart with the recent lottery win being the most significant due to the fact that it has made him a millionaire.

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Barry Longwell, who is 64 years old, scooped his first major win on the MegaMillions two years ago. The New York Lottery player walked away with a life changing $250,000 with this win. No one would argue that this would probably never happen to the New York Lottery player again as although many of us hope to win a lottery, we rarely believe that we will.

Barry Longwell has shown that this really is not the case when he cashed in $20 in lottery wins and used the winnings to buy scratch off lotto tickets. One of these lotto tickets was a $1 million winner, which has now changed the New York Lottery players’ life in a way that many of us would never have thought possible and indeed Barry himself.

While we may believe the term that ‘lightening never strikes in the same place twice’, Barry Longwell has proved that winning the lottery certainly can strike in the same place and is much more welcoming.

Written by Samantha Jones

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