New York Lotto Jackpot Tops $12.5 million

Wednesday January 16th 2013

The New York Lotto is enjoying a long rollover spree which shows no sign of stopping. The jackpot has been rolling over since 13th October 2012, when it was last won. Now, the jackpot has smashed $12.5 million and is estimated at $12.8 million in time for the next draw later on today. At this rate, the current top prize could beat the jackpot which was last won, which reached an amazing $16.5 million after rolling over for a staggering three months!

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It is no secret that lottery players all over the USA and indeed the world are excited by big rollover jackpots, as these make the potential payout much more exciting and more life changing. As most lotteries generate their jackpots by taking a proportion of the ticket sales, this means that the more interest in the jackpot, the more people buy tickets, and the more tickets sold mean the bigger the jackpots!

This could certainly explain why the New York Lotto has reported a record breaking year in terms of lottery sales. In 2012, the state lottery division recorded revenue of $9 billion, which was a 12% increase on the year before. This increase in sales has been attributed to the soaring Powerball jackpots – including the record $587 million jackpot which was won in November 2012.

However, 2013 could see the New York Lotto jackpot rise at a slower pace than usual, as the rollover increments were changed from $500,000 to $300,000 in December 2012. Only time will tell if the New York Lotto jackpot is won this week or not or whether it will carry on rolling over but one thing is certain – it has a long way to roll before reaching $65 million, which is the highest jackpot won on the NY Lotto of all time!

Written by Brett Levenson

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