New York Lotto Sees Highest Jackpot For Over A Year

Wednesday April 3rd 2013

The New York Lotto has a jackpot tonight of $25.5 million, which is the highest jackpot seen on the state lotto in over a year. This massive jackpot prize has been accrued by copious rollovers, since there has been no jackpot winner since 13th October 2012, when one ticket holder from Schenectady bagged $16.5 million. This means the stakes are high tonight, and all eyes of lotto players across the state will be on the draw taking place at 23.21 ET tonight.

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In order to win the jackpot, players of the New York Lotto are required to match six numbers from a possible 59. Players are also required to choose a Bonus Ball, which will see those who are able to match five numbers alongside the Bonus ball win a substantially bigger prize than those who just match five numbers. Despite there being no jackpot winner since last October, there have been a good steady stream of players matching five numbers and the Bonus ball, with some players winning up to $224,675 for doing just this!

Despite not seeing a million dollar plus winner on the state lotto since last year, New York has nonetheless been no stranger to big winners this year. In January, Cadd Bill of Liverpool won $3 million on a scratch off prize, followed closely by Harlem resident, Angela Williams, who won $1 million on the Instant Jackpot scratch off game. Plus, there have been a number of $1 million Powerball winners from New York this year, who succeeded in netting the six figure prize after matching the first five numbers of the Powerball.

All this of course, and the recent Powerball jackpot winner, Pedro Quezada, hailed from just across the border in New Jersey. Could there be a second lucky resident in the NY area to bag this $25.5 million jackpot tonight? As the NY Lotto themselves would say, “Hey, You Never Know”!

Written by Brett Levenson

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