OAP loses thousands in a lottery scam

Tuesday January 19th 2010

We, along with lottery operators, regularly warn the public of the various lottery scams by which people are regularly being targeted. The general rule that you need to consider if you are approached by anyone informing you of a lottery win is that if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.  The people behind these lottery scams always tend to target the most vulnerable people when they make their move and the news that an OAP loses thousands in a lottery scam is just a typical example of the kinds of people that these unscrupulous scam merchants choose to target.

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The latest victim of a EuroMillions lottery scam is a 70 year old from the Aberdeen area who received a letter saying that she had won a significant EuroMillions prize. After calling a number she had been given, a man on the other end of the telephone told her that she had to make two deposits totalling £24,000 into two nominated bank accounts in order to claim her lottery prize, but only realised that this was in fact a scam when she was contacted by her bank.

Anyone who is contacted and informed of a significant lottery win should automatically be suspicious. Remember to you need to buy lottery tickets to win the lottery, you cannot win if you do not play and anyone claiming that you have won on a lottery that you have no tickets for is almost certainly part of a scam.

If you are ever in doubt, then please contact your lottery operator for advice.

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