One Ticket Scoops Powerball Jackpot

Monday February 13th 2012

On Saturday night the Powerball jackpot available to win reached $336 million – a very impressive amount to win. This meant many ticket holders were crossing their fingers and hoping they would match the numbers drawn and this was the case for one ticket holder, as they matched the five plus Powerball combination drawn to scoop the Powerball jackpot to become the first top prize winners for this year. This particular winning ticket was bought in Rhode Island, however the identity of the holder (or holders if bought in a syndicate) is yet to be known.

This jackpot win, although not the biggest Powerball top prize win, has actually broken the record for a single ticket win. Previous to this the record was held by a ticket holder who won $314 million back in August 2007. The biggest ever Powerball jackpot win took place in 2006 when a syndicate of eight players won $365 million.

In addition to this impressive jackpot win on Saturday night, the Powerball had 11 ticket holders that all became millionaires by matching all five of the main numbers drawn in the Powerball results to win the second tier prize which is always set at $1 million.

Whether this jackpot winner from Rhode Island will opt for the annuity payment or cash option (estimated at $210 million) remains to be seen. However, this Powerball top prize win means that the jackpot available to win now goes to back to basics and because the rules changed almost a month ago the starting jackpot available to win is now estimated at $40 million for Wednesday night’s draw.

Written by Samantha Jones

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