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Wednesday April 1st 2009

Playing the UK National Lottery every week has paid off handsomely for a couple in Kendal, Cumbria. Graham Forrest and his wife Fiona won £2.78 million in the Lotto draw on Saturday 28 March, 2009, but he didn’t find out about it until the following Monday.

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Graham likes to buy lottery tickets online, so he is automatically notified of any win his numbers are lucky enough to land. In February his ‘lucky line’ of random numbers that he has played since 1994 won him £10. However, when he checked his emails on Monday 30 March, 2009, he had a bit of a surprise waiting for him.

Graham explains what happened in his own words: “I got the email saying I had exciting news and clicked through expecting £10. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw £2.7 million sat in my account. I called in a colleague to confirm what it said on the screen. To be honest I still didn’t believe it even when he checked it.”

After obtaining further confirmation from lottery organisers that the lottery results were genuine, Graham called his wife Fiona. She too was a tad sceptical. “It wasn’t until she spoke to my colleague that it hit home,” Graham said.

One of the first things the lucky couple intend to do is buy a new home for themselves and their four children. “Our current house in Kendal has a yard but Fiona has always wanted a garden so we will be looking to find a large local family home with a green plot for her,” Graham explained. “It will also help pay for further education for the children, although I am sure they will have some ideas of their own.”

As for Graham himself, he’s considering treating himself to a Manchester United season ticket.

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