Online Lottery Success

Tuesday March 24th 2009

Online lottery success came twice in a row for Yorkshire Lotto player Steve Wright. He matched five main Lotto numbers and the bonus ball to scoop £104,577 just one week after winning £10 from a previous draw – proof that it can be very profitable to buy lottery tickets online.

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Steve and his wife Dawn have a son called Dalton, and they will now be treating themselves to a holiday in Turkey. Steve also intends to buy himself a brand new convertible. Their success in getting the right lottery results was emailed to them shortly after the draw took place.

“I checked my e-mails at midnight on Sunday and couldn’t believe my luck, so I called Dawn and my son Dalton to the computer to check I wasn’t seeing things,” Steve said. “There wasn’t time to celebrate so I tried to sleep, but my mind was racing about buying a new Ford Focus Cabriolet and paying for our holiday. I just hoped that I would wake up on Monday morning and it would still be real.”

A common false belief among lottery players is that the chances of a person winning in any given week are somehow related to previous results. For example, some believe that if they haven’t won for ages they must therefore be “due a win” soon. Others believe that if they won only recently, they won’t win again for a while. Both beliefs are false because the chances of you winning are exactly the same from week to week (assuming that you’re buying the same numbers of tickets for the same game each time). Steve’s win of £104,577 the week after a win of £10 brought this fact home to him in great style.

“It just goes to show that your luck doesn’t run out after one win,” he said. “We’ll definitely be playing our regular numbers and a lucky dip again this week – you just never know, we might go one better.”

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