Oregon couple win Thanksgiving Raffle

Sunday November 29th 2009

An Oregon couple win Thanksgiving Raffle from the Organ Lottery netting themselves a tidy sum of $1 million. Guy and Ellie Combs, who are from Lake Oswego, are just an average hardworking couple, who live week by week on their salaries. This win from the Oregon Lottery will enable them to purchase their own home in the school district which they have worked hard to stay in.

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After purchasing a $10 ticket for this game from the Oregon Lottery from her local Safeway store, Ellie Combs found out on Tuesday that she was the lucky ticket holder of the 250,000 that were sold by the Oregon Lottery. While she was waiting for her daughter to get ready for school, the winning lottery numbers came up on the TV screen and she rushed to check her lottery numbers.

Ellie does buy lottery tickets every week but normally spend only about $1 a week. So this $10 ticket was considerably more than she would normally spend on the lottery.

The couple have not made and firm plans as to how they may spend their lottery win, but do plan to buy their daughter the new mattress that she has been asking for. Also appreciating how difficult it can be for some people when they are down on their luck, they do plan to use some of the money to help someone in this situation by maybe paying their grocery bill.

Despite this Oregon Lottery win, Guy Combs still plans to continue working as a construction site superintendent.

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