Oregon Lottery commercial

Thursday August 6th 2009

TV is the most popular way of promoting services of all kinds to the public. The aim of TV commercials and advertisements is to convince the public that the service offered is needed or exciting and the Oregon Lottery commercial does this is a very clever way.

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The commercial starts with an extremely boring boss, talking to his colleagues about his position within the company as a “way of life”. It is obvious from the Oregon Lottery commercial that the boss and his team are supposed to be taking part in some kind of after work recreation. The fact that he appears to ramble tirelessly without drawing breath causes his captive audience to appear so bored and uninterested, that this way of life is of no interest to them. When suddenly, the knight is shining armour appears, they immediately appear interested and very relieved to be rescued from their boss by something much more exciting. The Knight points out to the workforce, the video lottery machines, immediately lighting up their faces.

This is a very effective way of making the Oregon Lottery exciting to play and encourages people to break away from the more mundane parts of their lives to inject a little excitement into it. But also the use of both American accent, from the boss and the English accent from the knight, gives a very different contrast between the two men. So when the knight starts to speak it immediately grabs your attention.

Interestingly you will find that after watching the Oregon Lottery commercial once, you will remember more of what the knight has said than what the boring boss has said. This is what makes the aim of this advertisement successful.

Don’t forget that to buy lottery tickets for the Oregon Lottery, after all, you have to be in it to win it!

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