Pennsylvania Lottery Set to be Managed by British Firm

Monday January 14th 2013

The American state lottery that is the Pennsylvania Lottery is set to be managed by the British firm Camelot in a deal that looks to be confirmed this week. Camelot, who run the United Kingdom’s National Lottery, put in a contract to run this American state lottery a while ago and since this British company was named as the lone bidder in mid-November last year not a great amount of information has been disclosed about this deal.

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On January 11th Gov. Tom Corbett issued a notice of award to Camelot who say that over the next 20 years they can raise the state’s revenues to $34 billion. Although this agreement for Camelot to take over this state lottery and make the Pennsylvania Lottery private rather than state hasn’t be finalised yet it is believed that after being given a notice of award from the Governor this contract will be awarded to Camelot very soon.

The running of an American state lottery by a British firm hasn’t gone down well in Pennsylvania and has had a lot of lottery players and lawmakers talking. Lottery players aren’t feeling so lucky that their state lottery is going to be privatised as there are a lot of questions they have such as, what will the effect of Camelot running this lottery have, will there be any job losses and what will the effect be on the senior citizens service (a good causes fund where all the profits from the Pennsylvania Lottery currently go) – watch this space for more information on Camelot taking over the Pennsylvania Lottery.

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Written by Brett Levenson

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