Persistence Pays Off For Michigan Mega Millions Prize Winner

Wednesday November 8th 2017

A Mega Millions player from Michigan has proved that persistence really does pay off after landing a $5 million prize. Gladys Salzwedel, a devoted lottery fan, correctly matched the main numbers 17, 27, 41, 51 and 52 in the drawing on Friday October 27th to secure the sizeable sum.

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Hailing from the village of Oakley in Saginaw County, Gladys plays both Mega Millions and Powerball religiously, so was understandably delighted when her numbers were finally drawn. However, the lucky player failed to immediately notice her good fortune. She told Michigan Lottery officials: “I checked my Powerball ticket the Monday after the drawings, but I was in a rush so I stuffed the Mega Millions ticket back in my purse."

Playing the Megaplier

In her haste, Gladys, who purchased her $2 entry from the Admiral gas station in Chesaning,  failed to spot that she had in fact won the game’s second tier prize, an outcome that would normally result in a $1 million. However, as the steadfast 68-year-old had included the Megaplier option on her ticket, she was actually $5 million better off.

“Later in the week, I saw a story on the news that there was a big winner sold at the Admiral, and it hit me that I hadn’t checked my ticket,” Gladys recounted. “I called for my husband to get the ticket out of my purse and look it over. When he came into the living room where I was, he said: ‘You’d better sit down.’ When he told me I’d won, I started bawling.”

“God is so Good”

Gladys, who currently works as a home health nurse, plans to use her winnings to retire and pay off her bills. The generous sextagenarian is also keen to share her newfound wealth with family members and those at her church, as well as treating herself to a well-deserved break. Crediting a higher power for her win, she said: “It’s such a blessing to win and be able to retire without having to worry about robbing Peter to pay Paul. God is so good.”  

Now it’s Your Chance

If you would like to join Gladys in celebrating a colossal Mega Millions win, this Friday is as good a chance as any. The rules of the game may have recently changed, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t begin the weekend in style. Simply pick your numbers online or play through an authorized retailer in any of the participating states or jurisdictions. Good luck! 

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