Post Office workers win New Hampshire Lottery

Saturday September 25th 2010

Playing any lottery as part of a syndicate is always the best way to increase your chances of hitting a big jackpot. A group of Post Office workers win on the New Hampshire Lottery after 15 years of playing as a syndicate. Each member of the group makes a weekly $2 contribution to purchase eight lottery tickets for each of the biweekly PowerBall drawings. One of the members, Karen Willis knew when she went to the New Hampshire Lottery headquarters that one of the tickets had matched five numbers, but nothing could prepare her for the news she received when she got there.

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Karen knew that this ticket was worth more than $600, but when New Hampshire Lottery officials informed that she had a $200,000 winning lottery ticket she burst into tears. Once she got over the news of this amazing win, she then called the other members of this New Hampshire Lottery syndicate and informed them that they had won $200,000.

Most of the members felt that there was a reasonable win coming their way from the draw that took place on 11th September, when Karen went to the New Hampshire Lottery Headquarters, but none of them had any idea of how much they won and were all very surprised when they heard the news. Since the win, the lottery syndicate have discovered that their winning lotto ticket was in fact only one digit away from winning the $79 million jackpot which incidentally, wasn’t won on that draw.

The syndicate members each received checks on Wednesday for $25,000, but they have yet to pay any taxes due on their win.

Written by Samantha Jones

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