Power Play bonus for Rhode Island Lottery winner

Monday December 6th 2010

A Rhode Island Lottery player’s faith in his lucky numbers has finally paid off, and seen him scoop a cool $1million. Marc Lonchay’s patience paid off last Wednesday night when the lottery numbers he has been playing for the last seven years came up and he managed to match five main numbers in the Powerball draw. Thankfully for Mr Lonchay, when he decided to got out and buy lottery tickets he also spent an extra $1 on the Power Play feature, which took his winnings from $200,000 up to $1million.

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According to the Providence Journal, Mr Lochnay, who lives with his family in Cumberland and has been unemployed for almost 12 months, intends to use the unexpected lottery windfall to pay off his bills and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

Mr Lonchay’s winning numbers were 5, 10, 11, 12 and 20. Had he managed to also pick last Wednesday’s Powerball number, he would have been splitting the jackpot of over $95million with a player who bought a winning ticket in Arizona but has yet to come forward and claim the prize.

Written by Katelin Thompson

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