PowerBall jackpot rises again

Friday March 12th 2010

This year has been very exciting so far in terms of lottery jackpots. There have been some staggering rollover prizes on offer with various world lottery games, many of which have now produced winners. However, lottery players again failed to find the winning numbers for one of these lottery games in particular. The PowerBall jackpot rises again after the draw on Wednesday did not produce a winner, which sees this jackpot now reach a fantastic $200 million, which is easily the world’s highest at the moment.

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$211 Million
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The eyes of lottery players all over the world will be firmly on the PowerBall on Saturday when the next draw takes place and is probably the one which most players will buy lottery tickets for this weekend, particularly those who like to play for the larger  jackpots.

There are some other jackpots aside from the PowerBall that are well worth a look at. The 6/49 lotto from the Canadian Lottery has a current rollover jackpot of CAN$30 million. This also has a draw taking place on Saturday.

The MegaMillions and EuroMillions lottery games each have a draw taking place on Friday. Both of these lotteries have produced winner recently but with the MegaMillions current jackpot of $20 million and the EuroMillions carrying €15 million, both are still very attractive amounts for players to want to play for. However, the PowerBall will without a doubt be the one to play for this weekend and to avoid a ticket buying panic, players are advised to either purchase their lottery tickets as early as possible or online.

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