Powerball Jackpot Winner Comes Forward

Wednesday March 7th 2012

On the 11th February the Powerball top prize had reached the impressive amount of $336.4 million and the Powerball results from this draw showed that one winning ticket which was bought in Rhode Island scooped this impressive Powerball top prize. Now just short of a month later the Powerball jackpot winner has come forward to claim their win. In a press conference the Rhode Island lottery officials revealed this Powerball jackpot winner who matched the numbers drawn which were 1, 10, 37, 52, 57 and the Powerball number 11 as Louise White – an 81 year old woman.

Louise White bought the winning ticket at a Stop & Shop supermarket in Newport whilst also buying some rainbow sherbet at the same time. Louise White matched the five numbers drawn along with the Powerball number on the 11th February and she didn’t believe she had won when she first checked the results.

Along with her son LeRoy and his wife Deborah they turned off their computer then back on again to see if her numbers were still there. After realising that she had won this Powerball jackpot winner jumped up and down with her family and couldn't stop screaming. Louise feels very happy and proud to have won this Powerball jackpot and believes it will make her family very happy.

The winning ticket was kept safe in Louise’s Bible while she hired attorneys and financial advisors to help her with Powerball jackpot win. Louise’s Powerball jackpot win is not only the sixth largest jackpot won in US history but it is now also the largest Powerball jackpot won by a single person. She has opted for the cash lump sum option meaning that Louise will receive $210 million before taxes.

Written by Samantha Jones

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