PowerBall jackpot winner speaks out

Monday November 16th 2009

On 13th November we brought the fantastic news to you that the $96.6 million PowerBall lottery jackpot had been won by one lucky lottery ticket holder from Kansas. We are now pleased to be able to update you on further details of this staggering win as the PowerBall jackpot winner speaks out about how he learnt of his win from his daughter.

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Hardly believing that he had won a lottery prize at all, he was even more disbelieving when lottery officials informed of how much this massive lottery win actually was.

70 year old Donald Damon could not have scooped the lottery win at a better time in his life, having retired from his job in his January, his daughter then lost her job too, which is something that is seen all too often in the present economic climate. His wife is currently working three jobs just to pay the bills and this fabulous PowerBall Lottery win could not have come at a better time for Donald Damon and his family.

When Donald’s daughter heard that someone from Kansas had won the PowerBall lottery, she immediately checked her fathers’ ticket, but even she was unaware of just how big the prize was. But taking the lottery prize in one lump sum is leaving Damon with $33 million after taxes, but still an extremely impressive amount of money.

Damon does not usually buy lottery tickets until the very last moment. However, he chose to buy the winning ticket seven hours before the draw on this occasion, a move that has proved to be the luckiest for him.

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