Powerball Lottery jackpot grows

Tuesday August 18th 2009

Played in more than 30 states, the Powerball Lottery jackpot grows to $245m for this Wednesdays draw. Although it is not a record jackpot it is still a very impressive figure considering the current recession and unemployment being at a 26 year high.

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Four $1 powerball tickets matched 5 numbers each winning $200,000 but none matched the Powerball.  One $2 Powerplay ticket matched 5 numbers to scoop $1m.

However there are still 2 lucky winners of the 5 number match who have yet to claim their $200,000 prize. The lottery tickets in question were sold in Louisville at Thorntons No. 55 at 4950 Brownsboro Road and Speedway No. 9315 at 11301 Westport Road.  Chip Polston, who is the Kentucky Lottery’s Vice President of Communications has urged any potential winners to check their tickets.  Anyone who holds a winning ticket should sign the back and take it to the offices in Louisville where a cheque for $200,000 is waiting to be collected and the stores who sold the winning tickets will each receive a $2,000 bonus.

The record Powerball Lottery Jackpot was back in February 2007 when it hit $365m. It was won by a group of workers from a meat processing plant in Nebraska.

The huge Powerball jackpot which is continuing to rise is drawing people in and many buy lottery tickets when they don’t normally play the Powerball game. Thus increasing the jackpot even further. If there is still no winner in the Wednesday draw, we could quite easily see the powerball jackpot reach a new record.

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