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Tuesday May 4th 2010

One of the largest Powerball jackpots in history will be available in the next draw after the top prize shot up to a magnificent $650 million. The only time a higher amount has ever been given away was in January 2016, when three lucky ticket holders split a record $1.58 billion.

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As players look forward to this incredible opportunity to win a life-changing prize and snap up tickets from authorized retailers in all the participating states, you can take a look back at some great Powerball promotions from the past:

February 2017

The Massachusetts Lottery offered a special giveaway from January 29th to February 11th 2017, with 20 prizes of $2,017 up for grabs. Anyone who spent $6 or more on a single Powerball ticket in the state was eligible to win, as they would be issued a lucky Powerball promotional ticket containing a unique serial number. On the night of 13th February, 20 serial numbers were drawn at random and the winners all won a fantastic prize.

May 2014

The Kansas Lottery organised a promotion in the lead-up to Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival in May 2014. Players just had to enter any $10 Powerball ticket and a random draw was then held, rewarding four lucky winners with a trip to Cleveland, Ohio, for the big event. Airfare and accommodation were four nights were included in the prize, and the winners were then entered into a special cash prize event to win a minimum of $1,000 and a chance to win $1 million.

May 2010

On 1st May the Multi State Lottery Organization introduced a new PowerBall lottery promotion which will run until 29th May. All players who purchase PowerBall tickets with the Power Play option will have the opportunity to increase their win by ten times and with some of the rollover jackpots that the PowerBall has been boasting recently, this option could prove to be very popular amongst lottery players. This option will only be available for non jackpot prizes, but with the sheer volume of people taking part in the PowerBall nowadays many will find this a very attractive promotion.

This new PowerBall promotion will replace one of the 5 X multipliers and the Power Play will cost an extra $1 per ticket. If this special PowerBall multiplier is not drawn by the end of the promotion, then the promotion will carry on running until it is drawn.

The new PowerBall Power Play option is very simple as all players have to do is simply select the Power Play option when they buy lottery tickets for the PowerBall. Normally a Power Play draw will have four balls, one for each for the 2 X, 3 X, 4 and 5 X multipliers. In this new promotion, one of these will be replaced with the 10 X ball, and gives players a one in 16 chance of this promotional ball being drawn.

lottery players have got a very good PowerBall jackpot to kick off this promotion with. Currently standing at $60 million, this will see an increase in ticket sale as more people play the game which means that if the promotional ball is drawn, many more people will benefit from the multiplier if they add this option to their tickets.

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