Powerball Passes $100 million

Wednesday January 23rd 2013

The Powerball jackpot has been creeping up since it was last won on Boxing Day, and has finally surpassed the $100 million mark. This is the biggest the Powerball jackpot has been since it reached its highest ever $588 million, which was won on 28th November 2012 by two ticket holders after whipping America into a lotto frenzy. When it hits milestones like this, players will often get more excited about the potential prizes on offer, which then in turn, means more tickets get sold!

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Despite there being no jackpot winner on the Powerball last weekend, three players came close, matching all five numbers to win the second tier prize of $1 million. However, none of these winners opted for the Powerplay alongside their Powerball ticket, which would have doubled their win to $2 million. Adding the Powerplay to your Powerball ticket can be done for a small additional cost and will see any supplementary prizes won substantially increased. However, still many players do not opt in, which means they could potentially be missing out on extra winnings!

Whilst the Powerball passes the $100 million mark, the Megamillions is also creeping up solely behind it. The Megamillions has an estimated jackpot of $89 million for its weekend draw, after having rolled over since it was last won by a player in California on 14th December 2013. The jackpot is currently the highest it has been since early September 2012, when it topped £120 million and was won, again, by a Californian player! If the jackpot rolls this weekend, it can be expected to also hit $100 million.

Could we see either of these jackpots build up past the $200 million mark? Or will they be won on the next draw? Only time will tell!

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