PowerBall reaches $140 million

Saturday February 6th 2010

This week has seen many states start selling tickets for their first ever PowerBall Lottery draw. Those that have chosen to cross sell tickets for both multi state lottery games this week will be off to a cracking start, as after several rollovers the PowerBall reaches $140 million. There couldn’t be a better promotion for the PowerBall than this for these newly participating states and coupled with the fact that this is the first time that many people in these states will have played this game, ticket sales are likely to reach bumper levels.

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$186 Million
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Of course you can still buy lottery tickets for the PowerBall, regardless of which state you are in as the power of the internet allows people to buy tickets for any lottery game that they choose. However, those players who have not got access to the internet may be playing their first ever PowerBall game this week through lottery retailers.

The MegaMillions also had an even higher jackpot until it was won last Saturday and many had hoped this rollover would carry on for the states that opted in to start selling tickets for this game too. However, it did rollover at the last draw on 2nd February, so it does at least carry a rollover jackpot of $20 million for those states that play the game for the first time this week.

So it seems that both multi state lottery games will prove popular with US lottery players this weekend but the PowerBall is the one that is likely to draw the most attention, especially for new players.

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